Pockets of interest

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Early on, I became interested in projects that the Garden Club had undertaken in the community. Digging into history, I was amazed at the number, size and type of different initiatives that had been completed through the tireless efforts of thousands of volunteer hours. I also discovered that many of the members were not fully aware of all that had been accomplished in the past. No wonder that people outside the Garden Club had little idea of our activities. If you’re interested, go to www.thegardencluboftoronto.ca and click of the Projects tab to get a glimpse of the bigger picture.

Entry Garden Refurbished

Refurbishment of the entry gardens at the Toronto YWCA was my first project and I was quite excited about its potential….largely because it seemed manageable, not a lifetime undertaking! So, while I know something about planting my own garden, I certainly was no expert to develop an entry garden plan for this downtown Toronto community.!

With the leader identified, someone with experience and energy, I was confident that I could handle the recruitment of volunteers and preparations for the ‘planting days’. All went well and working with partners in the community was mutually beneficial of all of us.