Early on, I became interested in projects that the Garden Club had undertaken in the community. Digging into history, I was amazed at the number, size and type of different initiatives that had been completed through the tireless efforts of thousands of volunteer hours. I also discovered that many of the members were not fully aware of all that had been accomplished in the past. No wonder that people outside the Garden Club had little idea of our activities. If you’re interested, go to www.thegardencluboftoronto.ca…Continue Reading “Pockets of interest”

Making the Garden Club a part of my life had some uncertainties, but in retrospect I’m so glad I made the plunge. The activities of the first year exposed me to a whole new world of experiences and provided a common base for all of us. I refer to us as the The Group of 12. After our first year , everyone became involved in at least one committee and after the 2nd year people gravitated to their own particular area of interest.

I have always loved flowers and, when I was working, did my best to keep a pleasant garden. But it always took a back seat to all the other things that needed to be done. FINALLY I decided to reach out to The Garden Club of Toronto (GCT) and took a friend to a meeting for prospective members. I knew there were expectations for members but I had not realized the time commitment. OR maybe subconsciously I did, as becoming involved had never seemed to…Continue Reading “Garden Club”